IMG_1025 enhanced.The Legion of Andy sits on a sofa all day, every day, come rain or shine.

The Legion of Andy is rarely far from a windswept hilltop or a green sheltered valley.

The Legion of Andy has its nose permanently in a book, often a Michael Moorcock it has read several times before.

The Legion of Andy never leaves its workstation, constantly posting to the web long  rambling pedantic discussions about Jack Trevor Story, Joss Whedon or Jack Kirby.

The Legion of Andy spends all its time reading comic-books.

The Legion Of Andy is always watching a film or a TV programme.

The Legion of Andy has a busy day job.

The Legion of Andy is made of plastic & cannot be harmed by plastic cigarettes. We are informed that cigarettes made of paper & tobacco are harmful to humans and other primates. Though only when smoked or otherwise ingested.

The Legion of Andy is addicted to eBay, spending every available penny on American newspaper comic strips from 1896 to 1952. Have you got any? What do you know about my image duplicator?

The Legion of Andy… it’s a blessing and curse.

The Legion of Andy… join now. Or stay away. Far away.

You have been warned.

4 Responses to About

  1. Tom says:

    What is going on in this pic

    Why is Elric having people bleed in his bathwater?

    • In this version, instead of brewing up rare herbs to give him strength, Elric uses magics discovered by Cymoril, involving the bleeding of slaves.
      On the one hand, a good way of showing Melnibonean decadence, and making Cymoril a stronger character than Moorcock’s original.
      On the other hand, it gives Elric a vampiric nature before he finds the vampiric sword Stormbringer. This weakens Stormbringe as a metaphor.

  2. Kris says:

    Would like to share a piece of ben day art I acquired with an art collection to get some thoughts, the collection consist of several pieces from the 1980’s, just would live an opinion? Help!!!!

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