Superman at 50 in Radio Times


The Legion found this 3-page nostalgia-fest while clearing out some junk yesterday. The sharp-eyed might notice that it has not been kept in our usual degree of mylar snugness. Alas the Legion didn’t have such archival facilities in 1988, and these 3 pages had to take their chances in an ordinary cardboard box along with a huge quantity of Morrissey cuttings.

We thought we’d put it online at some point just for fun, apropos of nothing, but then remembered that Man of Steel is in the cinemas in a few days. So we can pretend it’s a movie tie-in.

The 2 pages of comic strip led into a radio drama, still available as  BBC audio CD, with Superman on trial. Sounds eccentric. In the witness box, comic-book characters and real life comics creators & actors are heard from, apparently. Adam West appears as Batman and as himself! There are two 5-star reviews on Amazon UK but the US reviews are much more critical.

Colours are by John Higgins, lacking his Watchmen-style restraint, deliberately no doubt as he takes on the more traditional 4-colour world of the Metropolis Marvel. The end result is somewhat garish, reminding the Legion of how difficult it was, back then, adapting comics colouring to the world of brighter whiter paper and more dots per inch.



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