Another Old Photo of Cute Kids Reading Comics a Long Time Ago

I stumbled on this photo, below, on eBay and I just had to have it. Most of you reading this won’t need me to explain why.

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Kids reading comics in color Summer 1948_01_72dpi

And I won’t need to point out that, whereas pictures of this sort tend to be in black & white, this one… isn’t.

In fact, the image is so colourful, and with a certain 1940s tone as well, that at first I read it as a Norman Rockwell painting. No real need to try and explain that any further either, I suspect.

The seller said it came from a calendar, but unfortunately it has been removed from its context, and probably trimmed pretty tightly to boot. The copy now owned by me measures 19.0 x 25.4 cm. The reverse is blank.

Apart from simply enjoying the picture, “the game” is now afoot, of course.

For anyone who hasn’t played before, the rules are simple enough: try to figure out when the photo was taken based on the comics on view. Which must all be identified and listed, obviously.

This time there is a tougher extra round: Can anyone identify the calendar the photo appeared on? This round may be difficult, but possibly attracts very few points, as it doesn’t really matter much. As ever, it’s all about the old comic books!  (Of course, if the calendar turns out to be a special “nostalgic old photos of old comics” calendar, that could change everything.)

At the risk of spoiling your fun, I’ll say that one of the comics is Action 120 from May 1948. And another is from July of the same year: Patsy “Looking good for her age in 2015 on Netflix’s Jessica JonesWalker, no.17.

I must admit that I had to look these up. I know that most of you, unlike me, won’t need the help of the Wikis. Extra points for knowing the comics from memory, and triple points, natch, for having them all in your very own humidity-controlled vault.

You will already know that comics went on sale something like two months before their cover date. And its pretty obvious that the combination of that Norman Rockwell lighting and the kids clothing denotes a summery day.

Clicking on the main image (or any of them) would, last time I posted, have given you a super-large version to delve into. That doesn’t seem to be happening today.  [Update: fixed that problem; the main pic can now be enjoyed full size.]  So here are a few close-ups to help the game along:

Kids reading comics in color Summer 1948_07_72dpi



All Star

Frisky Fables


Joe Jumbo

Calling All Kids



Prize West


Finally, the traditional extra question: what nostalgic old comics are the cute nostalgic kids in the nostalgic picture of cute kids reading nostalgic old comics actually reading?

This is also a tough question – at least in parts – but attracting mega-points. I mean, little girl, were you not thinking about nostalgic comics historians of the future at all ?!?  Or worse still, were you thinking of us and mercilessly teasing us ?!?

Kids reading comics in color Summer 1948_06_72dpi

Wee lassie's comic.jpg

The outright winner will be anyone who can conclusively prove that they are one of the kids in the photo. You will probably do well if you can prove you are a descendant, or even just that you have a bunch of prints of other pics from the shoot.

Anyway gang, have a ball!

Feel free to leave comments and links to other resources.

And don’t forget to claim your No-Prize.

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7 Responses to Another Old Photo of Cute Kids Reading Comics a Long Time Ago

  1. comixminx says:

    Blimey, I was thinking it couldn’t possibly be a photo, but yeah, the closeups are convincing. I can’t add any answers to the questions you are asking though!

  2. Barbara says:

    I absolutely understand why you had to have the pic – I would have been bidding against you had I seen the listing!
    Like Comixminx, I also can’t answer any of your questions, but I had fun thinking about them.
    Thanks for coming over to visit my blog, I’m glad you did because I can see I’m going to enjoy visiting you. Barbara.

  3. Henry McCoy says:

    My copy is still attached to my great uncle’s service station calendar that I just framed. Sadly there is no mention of the artist/photographer.

  4. Henry, that is fantastic! Thanks very much for letting us all know.
    The calendar is from 1959, so the photo would already be a nostalgic item, just over ten years old.

  5. Speed Carter says:

    Very top
    Candy 4
    Wonder Comics 18
    Giggle Comics 54
    Prize Western 69
    Jungle comics 102
    Dotty 35

    top row
    Giggle Comics 54
    Calling all kids 19
    Ace Comics 135
    Frisky Fables 30
    All Star 41
    Joe Palooka 21
    Jumbo Comics 112

    2nd row
    Feature Comics 123
    Captain Marvel Adventures 86
    Popeye 2
    Patsy Walker 17
    Lil Abner 64
    Daredevil 49

    3rd row
    Daredevil 49
    Ideal 1
    Tip Top 143
    Ace Comics 135
    Tip Top 143
    All Star 41
    Winnie Winkle 2

    4th row
    Super Duck 20
    Popeye 2

    5th row
    Smitty 2
    walt disneys comic & stories 91
    Red Ryder 58
    Action Comics 120
    Henry 2
    Prize Western 69
    Jingle Jangle 33

    Super Duck 20
    Calling all kids 19

    Photo was likely taken in May 1948 as some of the books should have already been pulled ans sent back to the publisher for a refund.

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